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While not raising income tax, Governor JB Pritzker continued to blame Republicans during a State of the State and Budget Address which he gave remotely at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield. The Governor accused Republicans of ignoring working class families by not supporting the health department during the pandemic and not trying to help cut spending. 



The Governor says that the state of Illinois is working on a bare bones budget and that Illinois spends less money than most other states.



Governor Pritzker is asking for $60 million to the Employment Security Office.



The Governor announced that they have done fantastic work with telehealth, remote learning, and other video conferencing systems in an attempt to get universal internet access for all Illinoisans by 2024. 



The Governor is looking for federal funding to help cover a lot of the budget deficit issues and said that he is hoping with President Biden in office, that Illinois will get a decent amount of funding. See below for the full State of the State.




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