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Looking At Winter At Lake Shelbyville

Taking a look at Lake Shelbyville, the US Army Corps of Engineers has a big job to make sure people know what’s open, what’s safe, and to help those at the lake with any recreational questions. Phil Manhardt, an assistant operations manager for the US Army Corps of Engineers talked about lake levels. As of Friday, the lake levels were at 595.38. Manhardt explained the different levels.



Manhardt said it wouldn’t be possible to do the things they do without the support from the staff and the public.



Fishermen have been active at the lake and habitat builds are something that will be started up again after stopping due to COVID.



There is a lot more going on at the lake including planning and preparing for the next season.



Phil Manhardt appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show live from our studios in downtown Shelbyville.

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