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Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan today suspended his campaign for Speaker of the House. Illinois State Representative Avery Bourne explained the process that both the Republican and Democrat caucus went through yesterday and outlined where things stand right now.



The State House is operating out of the Bank of Springfield Center in Springfield and Rep. Bourne says that Speaker Madigan has things locked down so tight that members of the media have to be escorted to the bathroom.



One of the biggest topics of conversations in Springfield over the next few days will be the Police Reform Bill, House Bill 163. Rep. Bourne says that she is completely opposed to this bill and that it would all but end the law enforcement profession in Illinois as we know it.  



Governor Pritzker over the weekend announced that he doesn’t want to implement COVID-19 relief for small businesses. Rep. Bourne says that this shows the Governor’s priorities are with increasing tax revenue instead of saving small businesses.    



Illinois State Rep. Avery Bourne was a guest on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 

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