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Governor JB Pritzker is outlining more than $700 million in cuts for the budget.  These cuts include public safety, human service grants, prison system cuts, and furloughs for government employees. The Governor says a lot of this could have been avoided if the fair tax would have been passed.



Representative Avery Bourne challenged the Governor saying that at some point he needs to step up and show some leadership especially since the Republican’s according to Bourne hasn’t even been given a chance to succeed.



Representative Bourne also had harsh words for the Governor and for the agencies in charge of COVID-19 when it came to the LaSalle Veteran’s Home. The Home has had 32 veterans with the disease die. Representative Bourne says she is tired of the excuses.



Since the beginning of the outbreak, the LaSalle Veterans home has had 108 positive residents and 97 positive employees. 

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