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Governor Pritzker Pleads For Illinoisans To Respond To Contact Tracers

Governor JB Pritzker urged Illinoisans to answer the call when being contacted by contact tracers. Out of the state’s 97 health departments, 57 are currently reaching out to 90% of those who have COVID, and 86 of 97 are reaching out to 75%. Governor Pritzker says the call from contact tracers is important to answer because it helps protect your family.



Governor Pritzker showed exposure data and says that the data shows schools, work, bars, and restaurants are the biggest culprits of COVID-19.



The Governor cautioned that he can’t tell you what will happen in the coming weeks as far as more mitigations if at all, but he was surprised at how quickly the new surge has spread throughout Illinois.



In Illinois, over the last 24 hours, there have been, 10,376 new confirmed COVID-19 cases with 49 additional deaths. You can stream every Governor Pritzker press conference by visiting www.taylorvilledailynews.com.

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