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Greater Taylorville Chamber Chillifest Committee Questioning COVID Test Results of Corn Hole Participant

Officials with the Capital City Corn Hole Tournament held last Saturday and Sunday at the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Chillifest, posted information on their Facebook page today, questioning the COVID-19 positive test results of a participant from Chillifest last weekend.


Their Facebook post indicated the results received from the COVID-19 testing center, after a participant in the tournament who was tested, were first given a "positive" result, then the testing center backtracked and said it was "negative", then called back again saying it was indeed "positive."


The Facebook post added that when the person tested called the testing center back, they admitted it was their fault due to 2 different people in their system having the same last name.


Additional postings on the Capital City Corn Hole Facebook page, indicated other participants in their weekend event at Chillifest, all tested negative.


Additionally, the Chamber, at the request of the Christian County Board, who governs the park around the County Courthouse on the square, submitted an 8-page protocol on how the event would be held to confirm with state and federal guidelines, 2 weeks before the event occurred.  The Chamber was told that the protocol as submitted was sufficient for the event to be held.  


Further, Chamber officials indicate Taylorville city leaders allowed streets around the Square to be blocked off, and were kept abreast of the plans the Chamber Chillifest Committee were making to hold the event.


Chamber officials say they did not do an "end run" around the Christian County Health Department regarding the sale of cold chilli by the quart via 2 drive-thru lanes.  It was not allowed to be eaten on site.  The Health Department was notified weeks ahead that this would occur, when the Chillifest Committee decided not have large numbers of people waiting for chilli cooked on site to sold by the bowl.  The only ready-to-eat food served during Chillifest, were the 2 food trucks already holding food permits, that both the Health Department and the Chamber Chillifest Committee allowed on the square during the event.


During Chillifest, the Committee encouraged visitors to wear masks and remain socially distant. Masks were distributed free of charge, extra hand sanitizer stations were placed on the grounds and visitors were constantly reminded over both days to bring their own folding chairs. Many additional precautions were taken for vendor areas, pageant participants and more.  Chillifest officials expected adults and families to make their own choices when it came to wearing masks and social distancing.  The Committee says that the Christian County Health Department did not ask the Committee to become "enforcers" of mask-wearing or social distancing.


The Chamber echoes the guidelines issued by the Chris-Mont Emergency Management Agency, which encourages you to wait to be tested if you are not showing symptoms. Waiting 5 to 7 days from your last date of exposure allows for an incubation period of COVID, and if you test sooner than 5 days you may test negative despite having the virus. 

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