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Taylorville Kiwanis Club Begins Work on Kiwanis Park Pavilion


The Taylorville Kiwanis Club began work last Thursday on replacing the Kiwanis Park Pavilion.  The pavilion was constructed by the club in 1995, and the club decided it was time to replace the roof.  Kiwanis members Will Perkins (left) and Blain Cornwell were among those that were on site to take the roof off.



Kiwanis member Dick Wamsley helped get the shingles ready for the dumpster.



Kiwanis members Blain Cornwell (left) and Will Perkins worked to get the old shingles off the Pavilion roof.



Kiwanis members Larry Kemner (left) and Dick Wamsley worked to get the shingles ready to be placed in a dumpster.



The local Kiwanis Club also plans on replacing the 25-year-old concrete floor of the Kiwanis Park pavilion as well.

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