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Christian County Board Votes In Favor Of ZBA Amendments Effectively Ending Wind Farms In The County

The Christian County Board voted “Yes” on Tuesday to keep the Christian County Zoning Board of Appeals recommendations for setbacks and shadow flicker for wind turbines 10-6 effectively ending any chance of wind turbines being built in Christian County. 


After an hour’s worth of comments from participants either for or against wind farms, it was the board’s turn to discuss and talk about the ZBA’s recommendations. A motion was put on the floor by Ray Koonce to table any decision until December. That motion was withdrawn after County Board attorney Ben Jacobi said there could be legal action if the motion went through.



Craig Corzine made a motion to approve the ZBA amendments as is—without any changes. The motion passed 10-6 in favor of approving the amendments. Mike Gianasi issued the roll call.



Tom Swierczewski, Senior Director, Development of Tradewind Energy Rolling Farms issued a statement saying,


“We are disappointed that the Christian County Board accepted the text amendment recommendations of the ZBA. We appreciate the time and energy invested by all concerned parties, but this is a step in the wrong direction. The unreasonable restrictions against wind will not help in keeping Christian County open for business and future economic development. Tradewind Energy remains grateful for our positive dialogue with members of this community who made their voices heard in favor of a responsible wind ordinance.”

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