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By now if you have watched television, or listened to the radio you have heard the advertisements for the Fair Tax vote that will be on the ballot in November. This Fair Tax question is simple. "Would you support an amendment to raise taxes for people that make more money?" However, once you start to peel off the layers, the question isn’t nearly as cut and dry. 


Taxes in Illinois have been the same for everyone since 1970. A flat tax rate is in effect for all Illinoisans whether you live in Kincaid or live in Chicago. State Senator Andy Manar says the system is outdated.



Senator Manar says this needs to happen. There is no reason millionaires should pay fewer taxes than the average working person.



State Representative Avery Bourne says that this removes protections in the constitution from tax changes with income tax.



Bourne says this will affect small business owners the way that it is structured.


Representative Bourne is very concerned that there aren’t enough millionaires in the state to be able to fulfill all the promises put forward by democrats especially if millionaires are leaving the state.



Senator Manar says this doesn’t raise taxes on everyone.



At the end of the day, the decision will fall on the voters of the state of Illinois on whether or not the State will change the tax code for the first time since 1970.

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