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Local officials are pushing for mask wear during the COVID-19 pandemic. Christian County Board Chair Becky Edwards, Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry, and Pana Mayor Don Kroski are pushing for mask-wearing, encouraging social distancing, as well as hand washing and cleaning of common touch areas.  


Greg Nimmo issued a press release from the Chris-Mont EMA encouraging mask-wearing. “We are not defenseless. Cloth face coverings are one of the best things we have available to us to slow the spread of this or any airway related virus while out in public locations, particularly when used community-wide.”


There is a concern of COVID cases on the rise in the local communities. Christian County has six of its nine long term care and assisted living facilities that have active virus cases. According to the press release, states that many people are asymptomatic and carry the virus without realizing it.


One concern, according to Nimmo is a concern of the growing spread of COVID with the flu season on the way and that it could put a strain on hospitals. Christian County’s two local hospitals do not have any ICU beds.  Region 3 shows that there are 71 of 150 ICU beds available over 19 counties. If you contract the virus and have complications you will be moved to an ICU bed outside of the county and will not be able to have family members at your side due to the fear of it spreading.


For more questions please contact your local health departments or the Chris-Mont EMA at 532-9560.

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