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COVID-19 continues to hit the State of Illinois hard, but there are ways for you to take advantage of telehealth resources. State Representative Sue Scherer is urging Illinoisans to take advantage of the Illinois COVID-19 Virtual Care Program. This program is available to all Illinois residents regardless of health care coverage. 


The program provides patients with wellness kits including important medical supplies such as thermometers, pulse oximeters, blood pressure cuffs, alcohol wipes, and masks.  There are also virtual check-ins with doctors and nurses. 


Central Illinois residents who wish to seek to enroll in the virtual care program can text CARE with their ZIP code to 36363 or enroll by calling the virtual care hotline at 866-443-2584.


Representative Scherer made a statement in the issued press release, commenting that  “The Virtual Care Program will allow patients with moderate symptoms to self-isolate and recover at home while still receiving top-quality medical care. These telehealth services will keep hospitals from becoming overwhelmed, allowing those in need of urgent medical attention to get help immediately.”

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