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While an announcement on Fall High School sports is supposed to take place Wednesday afternoon, Governor JB Pritzker made an announcement at noon on Wednesday that would essentially limit what could be done in sports if they were played. According to guidance released from the IDPH, sports have been broken up into tiers. 


Level 1 means no-contact practices and training only, level 2 means intra-team scrimmages allowed, with parental consent for minors and no competitive play, level 3 is intra-conference or intra-EMS-region or intraleague play, meets only and low-risk sports only. Finally, level 4 allows everything including tournaments and out of conference play including championship games.


Lower risk sports can currently play at levels 1,2 and 3. Medium risk sports can currently play at Level 1 and 2. High-risk sports can only play at level 1. Football, hockey, and wrestling are in the higher risk category. Basketball, flag football (7 on 7), and volleyball are in the medium-risk category. Baseball, cross country, softball, track and field, and swimming are in the lower risk category with certain restrictions.


For a complete release from the IDPH, click here

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