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The State of Illinois’ 4th Judicial Circuit Court has issued their eighth amended order concerning COVID-19. A lot of the procedures are still the same as they were in the seventh amended order but some things have changed.


Eviction cases will cease until the expiration of the order. These cases will be continued to a different date to be determined by the court. Cases that will be held as usual include all traffic cases including DUI’s, all in-custody cases including bond settings, and all criminal felony and misdemeanor cases.  Also being heard will be all juvenile detention, shelter care, and permanency hearings including hearings for emergency and plenary orders of protection.  All marriages will be allowed but must have a total number of 4 persons allowed at the ceremony. 


All hearings may be handled using remote video conferencing and in-custody hearings will be conducted by remote video conferencing.  Felony guilty pleas may be done in person at a time that social distancing can be guaranteed.


All pay or appear and ordinance cases may resume being heard by the courts. The circuit clerk will provide notice to all litigants of the dates their cases will be set on and whether the hearing will be conducted in person or by remote. The order was signed by Chief Judge Kimberly G. Koester.

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