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The third meeting of the Christian County Zoning Board of Appeals took place Tuesday evening at 6 PM in front of a small crowd but mostly remotely, as there are still COVID-19 measures in place to limit crowd sizes. City of Roses LLC attorney Jim Griffin had his chance to call witnesses to speak on behalf of the wind turbines. Michael Hankard, a consultant on noise across the country, especially with wind turbines, spoke on the noise levels testifying that the wind turbines would fit under the noise limits. 


Dr. Jeffrey Ellenbogen, a medical physician who is a neurologist and a sleep study doctor, says that there is no diseases that come from wind turbines.


Other witnesses testified on behalf of City of Roses LLC on the benefits of wind turbines and Jim Griffin finished his testimony with a closing statement stating that landowners are completely reliant on other landowners to get wind turbines. 


Protect Christian County attorney Phil Luetkehans,  gave questions and started his cross-examination. The zoning board of appeals asked questions as well. Interested parties started giving testimony including a powerful speech from Daniel Nolan whose child has a medical condition that he believes could be harmed by the wind turbines, spoke on behalf of his family, and said that Christian County should support all the people of the County.      



Nolan’s testimony ended the hearing. The next hearing will be July 6th with a July 7th date as well, if necessary. 

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