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The Taylorville Police Department made a huge impact on the city of Taylorville and Christian County today according to Police Chief Dwayne Wheeler. The Taylorville Police Department along with the Christian County Sheriff’s Office, US Marshall’s, and the Illinois State Police executed a search warrant on the 1100 block of Rich Street.  Four subjects were arrested for Delivery of Methamphetamine and possession of methamphetamine. In what Chief Wheeler called “Operation Ice Cap”, members of all of the local Government agencies began to round up the subjects. In conclusion, 16 subjects were arrested with 5 more still on the loose. 


Chief Wheeler said this couldn’t have happened without help from all of the citizens of Taylorville. 


Arrested this morning was 22 year old James Assad Jr., 57 year old Dane Austin of Taylorville, 33 year old Christopher R. Barnes of Owaneco, 31 year old Adam Bofling of Taylorville, 24 year old Richard E. Busboom of Taylorville, 39 year old Ashley Dodd of Taylorville, 51 year old Patricia Delahunt of Taylorville, 22 year old Shilo Thomas of Taylorville, 48 year old Shawna Matthews of Taylorville, 48 year old Jason Newberry of Taylorville, 38 year old Chism L. Haworth of Taylorville, 40 year old Rebecca Ittenbach of Taylorville, 50 year old Robin R. Jones of Taylorville, 38 year old Wesley S. Kibodeaux of Taylorville, 30 year old Zachary Morrisey of Taylorville, and 35 year old Jacob A. Samson of Taylorville.


The work that multiple agencies put in to get this taken care of was on a scale Taylorville has not seen in quite a while. 



Police are still looking for 31 year old Amanda Binkley of Taylorville, 34 year old Kristopher G. Coy of Taylorville, 31 year old Erica L. Wessling of Taylorville, 30 year old Jerry W. Riggs of Taylorville, and 31 year old Jillian C. Schull of Kincaid.


Chief Wheeler praised the whole Taylorville Police Team, not just the CAT team.


Chief Wheeler thanked States Attorney Mike Havera for helping obtain the arrest warrants for methamphetamine delivery. Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp spoke at the press conference and said, if you do drugs in Christian County, you will be caught. Kettelkamp said, “Today the good guys won.”

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