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Tweeks in Governor J-B Pritzker's Executive Order tightening enforcement were filed with the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules this weekend, and 95th District Republican State Rep Avery Bourne says their decision will determine if the stronger measures the Governor is asking for, will happen.


The Governor over the weekend filed Emergency Administrative Rules, which means the Joint Committee, made up of 6 Republicans and 6 Democrats, must approve or disappove them before they can be enacted.  That committee meets on Wednesday.


Bourne says all 6 Republican members are against Pritzker's proposed rules, so it'll only take 2 Democratic members of the committee to prevent them from passing.  She says the proposed rules defying the Executive Order could lead to arrest for a misdemeanor.



Bourne says the committee does have a history when proposed rules go to far.



Bourne is advising 95th District residents to call the Democratic members of the committee to get at least 2 of them to overturn it.  Their contact information is on the Illinois Republican Party web site.  She says feedback she's getting is that the Governor's proposed rules should be overturned.



The Illinois General Assembly will be in session Wednesday thru Friday of this week at the Bank of Springfield Center due to social distancing.

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