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A Republican State Representative is calling out the Governor on an apparent weekend news release claiming his Executive Orders could be extended and have stricter enforcement.


State Representative John M. Cabello, a Republican from Machesney Park in northern Illinois, is publicly objecting to apparent rule changes made by the Illinois Department of Public Health, or I-D-P-H, that criminalizes non-compliance with I-D-P-H regulations. 


Cabello claims the changes would empower local health officials to , quoting the news release, “…institute prosecutions or proceedings…” against violators of health rules. It also directs county State’s Attorneys to “…prosecute all persons…violating or refusing to obey the rules and regulations of the Department of Public Health”.


Cabello says the rule changes also call for heavy fines and charges under a Class A Misdemeanor for any violators. Additionally, the rule under 20 ILCS 2305/2(k) states: quote, “Any person who knowingly or maliciously disseminates any false information or report concerning the existence of any dangerously contagious or infectious disease in connection with the Department’s power of quarantine, isolation or closure order is guilty of a Class A Misdemeanor”.


Cabello took issue with the proposed changes, calling the Governor a dictator in a news release Cabello posted on-line Saturday, and claiming he's weaponizing I-D-P-H to treat citizens like criminals.

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