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Taylorville City Council To Meet Tonight

The Taylorville City Council will meet this evening at 7 PM  for their regular bi-monthly board meeting. The meeting is still being held with respect to social distancing guidelines. If anyone would like to address city council email Mayor Bruce Barry at mayorbarry@taylorville.net.


Under ordinances, an ordinance will be voted on for rescinding the leaf burning ban.  There will also be a resolution on the Inter-governmental agreement with IEMA. 


A motion will be put forward to approve the use of 2% utility tax ward money to hire 11 summer help at a rate of $10/hr for 40 hours per week for 10 weeks. This will be a cost of $7,200 for each ward and the remainder will be paid by the water fund. 


Matthew Yard will be approved for the planning commission. John Blakeman will be reappointed to the fire pension board. Kerry Ward, Greg Hager, Julio Monge, and Judy Rodden will be reappointed to the cemetery board of managers. Jim Hahn will be reappointed to the board of fire and police commissioners. Pat Kretzer and Rich Shaw will be reappointed to the board of appeals. Terry Rainey and Don Farrimond will be reappointed to the library board, and Bill Nation and Terri France will be reappointed to the police pension board.


There will be discussions on stipends for businesses located in the BDD. There will also be a discussion relating to 2020 fireworks cancellation fees and the COVID-19 emergency order.


Under water/environmental, a motion will be made for payments for the new water treatment plant.


Under Lake/airport, a motion will be made to recommend approval for the price of $275 for an additional camper and no security deposit on the lake lot lease addendum.


As always, there will be city attorney updates and a mayoral update from Bruce Barry. 


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