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Moultrie County Board Holds Regular May Meeting

The Moultrie County Board met virtually on Thursday evening. During that meeting, County Board Chairman David McCabe made various appointments. Chairman McCabe appointed David Bowers as Trustee of the Lovington Fire Protection District. He also appointed Jordan Watkins as a Trustee of the Arthur Rural Fire Protection District replacing Jerry J. Ray who recently resigned. He re-appointed Arlene Aschermann and Richard (Dick) Isaacs to the Moultrie County Board of Review until succors are appointed and qualified.


Chairman McCabe said that these were all routine appointments.



Moultrie County Treasurer Stephanie Helmuth announced at the Moultrie County Board Meeting that after talking with the various taxing bodies in the county that they will not offer a payment schedule for Moultrie County property taxes. Chairman McCabe said that if anyone has any concerns to please contact Treasurer Helmuth to make arrangements.



The Moultrie County Board did not vote to reopen the county, but County Board Chairman McCabe said that the recent announcement by Moultrie County State’s Attorney Tracy Weaver that she wouldn’t prosecute anyone in violation of the Governor’s Executive Order basically opens the county and that any action taken by the County Board would only allow businesses in the unincorporated areas of Moultrie County to open.


The next Moultrie County Board Meeting is scheduled for June 11th at 7pm. For more information on the Moultrie County Board visit www.moultriecountyil.com.

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