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Meeting testing requirements while breaking the State of Illinois into four regions are all aspects of a reopening plan laid out by Governor JB Pritzker Tuesday afternoon.


The Governor says his plan will continue to follow the science data but indicates he has listened to people in Illinois and across the country for their ideas and believes their ideas have been immensely helpful.



Gov. Pritzker calls the plan an approach balanced with data and passionate Illinoisans who want to reopen. He says the reality on the ground looks different in areas of the state, which is why he is breaking the state into four different regions.


Additionally, the state will open in five phases. Governor Pritzker says the fifth phase reopens Illinois in a post-coronavirus world. He says the first phase has been accomplished and we are currently in phase two.


Testing will play an important role in moving into phases three and four. Gov. Pritzker says telework is still strongly encouraged. He indicates non-essential manufacturing and non-essential businesses can reopen.



To make it to phase four, Governor Pritzker says restaurants, bars, health centers and movie theaters among other businesses can reopen. He says these things hinge on health guidelines being met through Illinois Department of Public Health guidance. In phase four, crowds can move to 50 people.



Phase five is a full reopening of Illinois but Gov. Pritzker says the only way we move into phase five is with a vaccine, a suitable treatment, or the elimination of the coronavirus in Illinois.


The Governor wrapped up his unveiling of his plan pointing out they are going to rely on Illinoisans to work together to make these plans work. He says they will work with law enforcement to take action when necessary. 


He calls his plan for responding to and recovering from a pandemic in the 21st century and says they are writing the playbook as they go. 



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