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THS Senior to Governor: May I Have Your Attention?

Governor Pritzker, may I have your attention?  That's the goal of a Taylorville High School Senior who wrote a letter she's recorded and providing to local and social media, asking that the previously-scheduled Taylorville High School "drive-thru" graduation May 22nd, be held.


Molly Smith read her "Letter to the Governor" to Regional Radio News, and in part, she is telling the Governor that the best part of her high school experience has been taken from her and this year's seniors.



Smith added in her "Letter to the Governor", that she doesn't understand why the Illinois State Board of Education banned "drive-thru" graduations.



She questionned why people can buy video games, liquor stores or marijuana shops, and yet a "drive-thru" graduation is banned.



Other Taylorville High School seniors that signed Smith's letter, include Eric Schafer, Tawney Minks, Ashlee Vocks, Abby Danielson, Talia Moffet, Hailey Rhodes, Miles Campbell, and Rylee Miller.


Smith added the Taylorville School District Administration is in support of Smith's letter.


You can hear Smith's entire "Letter to the Governor" by clicking the player below:



You can watch Molly's video here.


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