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Rep. Rodney Davis Talks About The COVID-19 Phase Three Bill And How It Will Impact Small Business

Congressman Rodney Davis represents the 13th Congressional District of Illinois and he joined the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show to discuss what Congress has done to address the COVID-19 pandemic and what local businesses can do if they need help through these difficult times.


Congressman Davis started out by discussing the Phase 1 and Phase 2 bills that Congress recently passed to start working on a vaccine, to make sure that our hospitals had all the necessary Personal Protective Equipment, and to create a paid leave program to make sure that employees that have to self quarantine still got paid.


Congressman Davis went on to discuss the much larger Phase 3 bill that will have direct investment into our main street businesses.


Finally, Congressman Davis talked about what business owners can do to get a loan and how if you meet certain requirements the majority of the loan that you take out will be eligable to be forgiven.



For more information please visit rodneydavis.house.gov. Illinois Congressman Rodney Davis was a guest on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show.

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