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House Republicans Asking For Suspension Of Automatic Voter Registration After Multiple Errors

With the Illinois primary coming up in less than a week, State Representatives Avery Bourne and Tim Butler are calling for an audit and suspension of the Illinois Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) system. The system has had issues since being implemented in January. The latest issue has caused more than 1,100 valid voter registrations to be wrongly coded as opting-out instead of actually being registered.  Representative Bourne says it has to be suspended until the multiple issues are fixed.


Bourne says there are strengths with the AVR, but not at the expense of the integrity of elections.



Representative Butler says that maybe the Secretary of State’s Office isn’t the best place to be doing voter registration.


The Office also made the mistake of sending 4,700 16-year-olds through the AVR system for pre-registration before the error was caught and fixed.

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