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Ella Forlines is the President of the Central A&M Future Farmers of America, Hunter Mott is one of the Vice President’s of the Central A&M FFA, and Maddie Thompson is the Sentinel of the Central A&M FFA and they joined the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show during National FFA Week to discuss why they decided to become a part of the Central A&M FFA.


Ella Forlines started out by discussing how everyone comes from different backgrounds and a different reason for joining FFA.



Hunter Mott went on to discuss his farming background and how that led him to join the FFA.



Finally, Maddie Thompson talked about how she doesn’t come from a farming background, but joined anyway after she was told that FFA isn’t just about farming.



Ella Forlines, Hunter Mott, and Maddie Thompson were guests on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show during National FFA Week.

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