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Trying To Take Some Of The Danger Out Of Farming

A 2019 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics ranked farming and ranching as the 7th most dangerous occupation in the U.S. There were 257 fatal injuries and 280 non-fatal injuries reported last year for farm and ag workers. Good Day’s Work is trying to reduce those numbers by providing a resource to train employees beyond meeting OSHA requirements to build a culture of safety on the farm.


According to Marty Huseman, Safety Director for a Good Day’s Work, it was difficult to find training relative to agriculture. Good Day’s Work set out to create more than 30 different types of real-life scenarios on actual farms to talk about all aspects of safety, and that includes grain bin safety…tape



Huseman says that farmers should never enter a bin with moving grain, and there should be a lock-out tag-out system in place on the farm as well. Air quality is also important when it comes to grain bin safety…tape



Aside from harnesses and a gas monitor, Huseman says another tool you should have with you is ear protection, especially when you’re around during the drying process…tape



To learn about how Good Day’s Work and providing video training for your operation, visit gooddayswork.ag.

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