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Republicans Respond To Budget Address

When Governor JB Pritzker gave his budget address it was immediately met with concern from House Republicans. Concern over more spending, money being taken from areas where it is most needed such as education, and using funding as a bully tactic were some of the issues Republicans were concerned about. Representative Avery Bourne was very disappointed that the budget will be out of balance due to waiting for the vote on the graduated income tax.



State Representative Brad Halbrook also voiced his displeasure at the Governor mocking the new Illinois movement.



State Senator Chapin Rose gave his thoughts on the speech agreeing with some points but questioning when democrats are going to stop asking for more money. 



State Senator Dale Righter called Governor Pritzker hypocritical stating that he is doing the same thing he accused his predecessor of—holding schools infrastructure spending and small owners budgetarily hostage by proposing that if his tax increase isn’t approved, school funding and tax refunds would be reduced.

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