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A family is pulling together as a baby fights for his life. Tristan Payne of Charleston Illinois took her son Brock to the hospital on February 6th with what Tristan thought was a cold, but it got worse throughout the day and Doctors in Charleston made a startling announcement; he had RSV. Tristan was shocked. Brock was taken to Carle Hospital in Urbana where he’s been ever since. 


This wasn’t the first time Tristan had dealt with RSV, but it was the first time where Tristan had to have one of her children go to the hospital. Brock was born premature and doctors told Tristan that 90% of the babies that Carle Hospital has to intubate are premature babies. She has found peace and comfort through God and through the support of her family.



Right now, everything is stable for Brock. He is fighting a slight bacterial infection, but doctors continue to try to bring down the oscillator from the level that it was at. According to Tristan, Brock isn’t out of the woods yet but he continues to get better day by day. Tristan wants to make everyone aware that a simple sniffle can be very deadly to an infant.



For more information and to follow Brock’s story, check out Brock Brave on Facebook by clicking here. Brock is the grandson of Miller Media General Manager Kami Payne.


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