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Officials Worried About Injury From Too Much Recreational Marijuana Usage

With marijuana being legalized on January 1st, many people see it as a safe outlet and as with all things, with moderation it is. However thanks to observations from other states, too much of anything can be a bad thing, and in this case, when it comes to marijuana it’s quite true. Sara Brown, who is the manager of emergency medical services at Memorial Health System says that they have lessons from other states that have legalized it.



There are no states around Illinois that have legalized it, so Illinois faces what’s called “marijuana tourism.” Where people from other areas travel to Illinois to buy it. Brown says one of the problems from marijuana is that the high doesn’t hit you right away, and so people tend to take too much of it to try to get that high, before realizing that it’s too late.



Brown says one of the other major concerns that are worrying medical workers, is that gummies look like they are safe for children, and that adults who take marijuana around kids need to hide and even lock up their marijuana gummies from children.


Marijuana affects someone depending on their tolerance, genetics, gender, the method in which it’s consumed, and the potency and strength of the drug.

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