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Laws Changing In Illinois In 2020

Laws in Illinois are changing and in 2020 over 250 new laws will be added.  While some changes are minor other changes to laws will have major impacts on the way things are done. In civil law, disputes over the disposition of a decedent’s remains must be resolved within 30 days. Numerous changes to employment and civil rights laws are being worked to ensure that workers who experience sexual harassment and discrimination have a meaningful remedy.  


A person who wishes to change his/her name after divorce doesn’t have to provide notice of the changed name to file a petition to change it. Victims of revenge pornography may recover economic, non-economic, and punitive damages under the Civil Remedies For Nonconsensual Dissemination Of Private Sexual Images Act. Nobody may be excluded from jury service based on sexual orientation and all single-occupancy restrooms must be identified as all-gender or nongender specific.


Under criminal law, penalties for crimes committed in worship places increases. A provision requiring incarcerated people to reimburse the DOC for the cost of their incarceration ends. Any threat against schools is expanded under new laws as well. The statute of limitations for criminal sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual assault and aggravated criminal sexual abuse for all ages is removed.  The daily fines for those incarcerated on bailable offenses will go up from $5 to $30. 


Stay tuned to Regional Radio News all week for more updates on laws that will be changing in 2020 in Illinois.

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