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Lake Shelbyville Rangers Performing Park Maintenance

The US Army Corps of Engineers is currently performing maintenance to the boundary line around Lake Shelbyville. If you own land next to US Army Corps of Engineers property around Lake Shelbyville you may see people walking along the boundary for your house. These people are doing the inspections. 


Corps rangers will inspect and maintain over 140 miles of boundaries around the lake replacing worn or broken boundary signs and posts. This year Corps Rangers will concentrate on painting trees on the western portion of the boundary line where woodlands are on both sides of the boundary line.


These trees will be painted at breast height with orange, 4-inch horizontal stripes around the entire trunk of the tree. Spacing will be between 25 and 50 feet depending upon visibility. This will help people visiting the park distinguish between government and private property. The work should be completed by March of 2020.


For more information about boundary maintenance and cleanup around the Lake contact Park Ranger Taylor Finks at 774-3951 extension 7028.

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