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County Board Meets; Merges Christian County Montgomery County EMA position


The Christian County Board met on Tuesday evening and due to a packed house, moved the meeting to the third floor of the Christian County Courthouse to fit everyone in. State's Attorney Mike Havera said that Christian County has been involved with an opioid class action lawsuit and Christian County needed to decide whether they were going to opt-in or not. Havera said that they were predicting that it could be an $80,000 payout from the pharmaceutical clinics.



The county also voted 10-5 and 10-6 in favor of consolidating the emergency management position between Christian County and Montgomery County. Former EMA manager Mike Crews handpicked the Montgomery EMA Manager, Greg Ninmo. Ninmo has over 20 years of experience and lives on the border of Montgomery and Christian County. There was a little debate over his salary and some disagreement over where Ninmo should live. Greg Ninmo said he has the experience and he wants to work for both counties.


Ninmo has already gotten to work and has been helping out in both Counties since Crews departure earlier this month. The County board members also approved appointments of Steve Sikes, Joe Dorr, Mark Dozier, Joann Howard, Jon Rosenthal, Glen Goodrich, and David Copenbarger as zoning board appeal members. The next regular meeting will be Tuesday, December 17th. You can find the full meeting by visiting our link here and here.

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