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The Park District met on Monday evening and one of the big topics of discussion was on bids for the excavation for the north pond. The Board knew they weren’t going to be making any decisions that evening, but the bids were announced in the order that they were received. Bids ranged from the lowest being Aldridge at $48,397 to $197,500 from Phil Tullis and quite a few bids inbetween. Overall around 7 bids were received for excavation. The board will take their time to figure out which one is the best one for the actual project.  There is still a lot of work left on the project. The car that is in the south pond was talked about. Superintendent Gary Brown says that they will eventually try pulling the car out, but it’s going to come out piece by piece by piece. They will not be able to pull out the entire vehicle at one time. It would just fall apart. Tim Mathis who is with the company Ameren made a presentation to the board. He announced that Ameren owns property that is next to Manner’s Park. There is considerable contamination from a CIPS (Central Illinois Public Service) Manufacture Gas Plant which created manufactured gas to heat homes, and other uses. Those uses caused contamination and Ameren is concerned that underground contamination seeped under Manner’s Park. The proposed agreement would build 3 wells onto Manners park in order to collect samples and data. The board said they would need to speak to an actual engineer who could answer more of their questions. 


Recreational Director Bailey Hancock says that the rescues this year were down to 5 which is significantly lower than when Hancock started.



Hancock talked about some of the activities coming up including Christmas in the Park.


The next Park District meeting will take place on November 25th.



The yellow is the proposed sites for the well locations.


This is what the wells would look like.

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