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The Taylorville City Council met this evening to discuss new business and go over committee meetings. Mike Mann was sworn in as Superintendent of Street and Sewer and John Blakeman was sworn in as Human Resource Manager. Mann says he is excited about his job and what he can bring to the city.



John Blakeman, Appointed as new Human Resources Manager 

Mike Mann Jr sworn in as new Street Sewer Manager.



Office space was approved for the city for the Safe Passage Program. Alderman Megan Bryant says this is an extremely important decision that will help Taylorville. 



Chief Wheeler encourages those who want to help to make monetary donations, as that is the way this program is funded. A motion was approved to authorize the resignation of Fire Chief Mike Crews. Alderman Shawn Burtle expressed his gratitude towards Chief Crews and his hard work for the city of Taylorville. Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry stated that he hoped to have a new Chief for approval at the next City Council Board Meeting. Ron Nicol also resigned from the Board of Fire and Police Commission.  Mayor Barry thanked everyone for a great Chillifest. Approval also went through for repairs to the roof at the Fire Station. The discussion continued over the sewer issues. Burtle commented that he was concerned over the cost of the project and that it was too open-ended. City Attorney Rocky Romano assured Burtle and the Board that payment would not happen unless the Board approved it. There was also a discussion on the new water treatment plant. Aldermen Larry Budd wanted to know what the status was on the old building and why work hadn’t been started on the dirt works portion and Burtle said there are rules and stipulations as far as making sure the new plant is up and running for a certain period of time before the old plant can be torn down. The city also forwarded approval to the Ordinance Committee for no parking signs located in front of the Menta Academy Cornerstone Taylorville School. During the public comment section, a few Taylorville citizens mentioned that they were worried about the sewer project and that there had been septic issues and didn’t want the company working on the issues to abandon them and leave them unfixed. Burtle assured the gentlemen that this wouldn’t happen. The next City Council meeting will take place on October 21st. 



The Christian County Pee Wee Basketball Board was recognized as volunteers of the month.  Signups start in December.

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