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Taylorville Fire Department Needs Firefighters

The Taylorville Fire Department is hurting for numbers. After approval from the City Council at the last council meeting, Fire Chief Mike Crews is hoping to bring in some new firefighters and get some help. The Taylorville Fire Department has been losing firefighters to neighboring Counties and Chief Crews is frustrated about the situation but understands that this is a nationwide issue not just a Christian County issue. 



Chief Crews says the office is staffed for 17 but they are well below that number right now and it hurts to train firefighters only to lose them later on. He says this isn’t just affecting rookie or new firefighters, but veteran firefighters as well. Crews says to let your aldermen know how important the fire department is to you.



As a nation, Firefighters are down 2% from 2015 with a little over 1 million firefighters in the US according to FEMA.

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