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Taylorville Announces Fall Cleanup Day; Hires Two New Employees

The Taylorville City Council met this evening to vote and talk about issues from the various committees. An ordinance was passed to establish the enterprise zone between Taylorville Assumption, Pana, and Christian County.  The city also passed an ordinance expressing support for hiring minorities, women, and persons with disabilities within the enterprise zone as well. To help the Industrial Park, a new road “Hopper Drive” along with a turn lane will be added west of Grant Drive in Taylorville. The city hired two new employees: Mike Mann Jr., who will take over as Superintendent of Streets and Sewers when Dick Wiseman resigns, and John Blakeman who will replace Cindy Brown when she resigns. Both men are excited to start their new jobs. Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry announced that October 12th will be Clean-Up Day.


Mayor Barry also stressed that he is committed to fixing a lot of the drainage issues that are taking place in Ward 3.


The next City Council meeting will take place on October 7th.

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