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The Christian County Hazards Mitigation Planning Committee met on Tuesday and discussed the future mitigation plans that will help Christian County in case of an emergency. The plan provides three benefits: Receiving money from FEMA, specific projects could receive funds that will help reduce damages, and information about natural disasters in Christian County will help inform citizens to prepare for the future. Andrea Bostwick from the American Environmental Corporation talked about the hazards that she has uncovered in the time that she has been working on this project with Christian County Emergency Management Agency Director, Mike Crews.



Among the areas that the Mitigation Planning Committee is dealing with and analyzing include severe storms, severe winter storms, floods, tornadoes, excessive heat, drought, mine subsidence, earthquakes, and dams. The plan of the committee is to create ways to help Christian County deal with these disasters.



The next meeting will be held at the Taylorville Fire Department which is located at 202 North Main Street in Taylorville on Tuesday, December 10th at 2 PM.

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