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Opioid Awareness Clinic To Hand Out Naloxone Kits

An informational meeting will take place on July 30th at Taylorville Memorial Hospital to discuss opioid overdoses and to hand out Naloxone kits. The Naloxone kits help prevent overdose deaths. Dennis and Chris Metsker, from the Sharpe House, will give a presentation in the Janice Hopper Auditorium at 6 pm on July 30th.  Dennis Metsker says while they won’t be able to completely eliminate opioid deaths, bringing awareness to an ongoing issue is important. 



Both Dennis and Chris Metsker will speak about what opioids are, what the signs of withdrawal is, what the Good Samaritan Law is, what medication-assisted treatment options there are, and how we can reduce overdose deaths.  



RSVP’ing is appreciated, and you can call 217-824-1601 to RSVP.  The event and kits are sponsored by The Illinois Department of Human Services Division of substance use, prevention, and recovery.

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