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Taylorville School District had their regular Board of Education Meeting Monday evening.  During the meeting, Superintendent Dr. Greg Furstenau, President Stephen Turner, and the rest of the board highlighted some of the personnel changes that were going to be taking place at the end of the school year.  5th Grade Teacher at Taylorville Junior High School, Carla Marley retired effective at the end of the 2018-2019 school year.  Brandi Bruley, District Director of Curriculum; Melissa Alberssen, Literary Coach at Taylorville Junior High School; and Jordan Andruch, science teacher at Taylorville Junior High School, all announced their resignations effective at the end of the 2018-2019 school year.   Jordan Andruch thanked everyone, as Dr. Furstenau read his resignation letter to the Board.



Other personnel changes that were approved included Lori Parks, Summer ag contract, extended 20 days, Eric Bruder who moved from Assistant Principal, Taylorville High School to Principal, Memorial Elementary School and Kelly Laker, 4th Grade, Memorial Elementary to 5th Grade, Taylorville Junior High School. Recommendations to Employ included Catherine Fassero Science; Lacy May, 5th Grade Teacher; Molly Williams, 8th Grade Literary Coach; Robert Brown, Scholastic Bowl Coach, Brooke Brandis, Freshman Volleyball Coach, and Raimee Craggs, English/Language Arts Teacher, all Taylorville Junior High School.  Other recommendations to employ included Michelle Rexroad,Varsity Cheer Coach, and Sydne Miller, Assistant Varsity Cheer Coach, both with Taylorville High School.


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