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Rodney Davis Pleased Over Boarder Wall Funding, Hopes for More in the Future

Recently, lawmakers provided roughly $1.4 billion for President Donald Trump’s border wall. Despite falling $4 billion short of the original request, Congressman Rodney Davis, representing the 13th District of Illinois, is pleased to finally have some funding to strengthen the border.



Davis does agree that there is a crisis along the southern boarder with drugs making their way into the United States. Although he considers it an emergency, Davis does not always agree with executive acts. However, he does want both parties to see eye to eye on the issues along the country’s boarder national emergency, or not.



When looking toward the future in regards to the boarder, Davis says they need to continue finding ways to fund the wall.



Davis is proudly bipartisan, and hopes that moving forward both democrats and republicans find a solution to securing the country’s boarder.

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