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The National Weather Service in Lincoln over the weekend, revised their totals on the number of tornadoes that hit Illinois on December First, as well as revising the damage totals from the E-F-3 tornado that hit Taylorville that day.

The Weather Service now says storm surveys and reports have indicated that 28 tornadoes occurred across the state, the largest December outbreak since 1957. The town of Taylorville, located southeast of Springfield in Christian County, was hardest hit. This particular supercell took a long path from the eastern fringes of the St. Louis metro area, to east of Bloomington. Other supercells tracked up the Illinois River valley in west central Illinois. 

The Weather Service revised the damage numbers from the tornado that hit Taylorville.  They now say that Information from emergency management indicated 34 homes severely damaged/destroyed, 66 homes with major damage, and 406 homes damaged but inhabitable.  They also said there were 22 injuries.

The Weather Service EF-Scale ratings on the south side of Taylorville were EF-3, with estimated wind at 155 mph and a maximum width of 1/2 mile.  They added the tornado that hit Taylorville, was on the ground for some 12-point-7 miles.

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