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Taylorville City Council Votes on Steak N' Shake Site Plan

On Monday, November 5th, the Taylorville City Council held the first of their 2 monthly meetings. First honored, was the Taylorville High School Volleyball Team for becoming the first THS Volleyball team to ever have 30 wins in a season. After that, Ben Curtin was recognized by the council for being awarded the American Star award at the FFA national convention in Indianapolis. 


After that, the council voted to approve the planning commission recommendations for the new Steak N’ Shake Property. The new recommendations will include a sidewalk on the west side of the property. Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barrys speaks on why the changes were made to the Steak N’ Shake property. 



Also voted on was a new sign at the water treatment plant to be 12 feet wide, and 6 feet tall. That motion carried unanimously by the council 9-0 with a mayor vote. Also approved was the new 80 foot tall communications tower for Taylorville Memorial Hospital. Barry also spoke on what it means to finally have the new tower approved for TMH. 



The council also discussed new details involving citizens water bills, and how they are hoping to move to monthly January.



Afterwards came the committee updates from the Finance, Public Facilities, and Street and Sewer committees. All of their motions were passed by the council. Following that, the meeting was adjourned.


You can watch the full City Council Meeting here.

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