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McMillan Says Negative Fliers are False

Seth McMillan is the Republican Candidate for the 48th District of Illinois in the State Senate. Recently negative fliers have been making their way around the District saying that McMillan tried to pad his own pockets while on the Taylorville School Board.


McMillan says these claims are false. He is disappointed that his opponent would try to take this tactic in the election as McMillan feels at least he has ran a clean campaign.



While on the school board McMillan’s company did some work for the school that was done at cost for no profit to McMillan and proved in an open session.



With election day right around the corner McMillan wants to let the people know why he should be the new State Senator of the 48th District of Illinois.



McMillan appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

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