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The Taylorville City Council held the first of their two monthly meetings on Monday night. First addressed was the volunteer of the month who is James Smith for his work assisting with music in the Taylorville community. Next the city voted on an ordinance Authorizing the City of Taylorville to Enter into Certain Annexation Agreements, that motion passed 9-0. The council then voted on an Ordinance Amending Section 3-3-5 and Adding Section 3-3-5A to the Taylorville City Code. The ordinance added Class M and Class N liquor licenses for convenience stores and prohibits video gaming signage on city property. That motion passed by a vote of 5-4 after the mayor broke the tie. Mayor Bruce Barry explains more about the motion.



Barry also mentioned that he has noticed an environment of negativity within the city, and he wants to change that.




After that, a discussion involving a salary increase for city council members was held, and a motion to increase their salaries was denied by a vote of 6-2. Once that concluded, committee reports began for the finance committee and street and sewer committee. All of their motions were passed unanimously.


The Taylorville City Council holds two meetings a month on the first and third Monday of each month.


You can watch the full City Council Meeting here.

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