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95th District State Representative Avery Bourne, along with State Senate Republican candidate Seth McMillan of Taylorville, yesterday announced an effort to allow voters in Macoupin, Montgomery, and Christian Counties to voice their opinion on legislation that restricts gun rights. This initiative will place an advisory question on the General Election ballot that will read:

Should the General Assembly pass any additional legislation that restricts a citizen’s ability to own and possess guns or firearms?

Voters will be able to vote “Yes” or “No” on the measure. A “Yes” vote would indicate support for additional gun control legislation. A “No” vote would indicate opposition to additional gun control legislation. Avery Bourne and Seth McMillan will both be voting “No,” as they both oppose additional gun control legislation.

Bourne reacted to gun control legislation and the proposed referendum by saying that the state has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, but legislators continue to pass anti-gun legislation that she says doesn't crack down on the true cause of gun violence.  She added she wants to stand with gun owners in opposing further gun control.

McMillan reacted to the referendum by saying that the 2nd Amendment is under attack in Springfield, by Chicago Democrats, claiming that his opponent Democrat incumbent Andy Manar has been voting with Chicago to pass further anti-gun legislation.

Macoupin County Republican Party Chairman Kevin Polo and Avery Bourne on Monday, submitted petitions containing 1,600 signatures of Macoupin County voters to Macoupin CountyClerk Pete Duncan.  The minimum signature requirement to place an advisory referendum on the ballot via the petition process is 8% of the total vote for gubernatorial candidates in the preceding gubernatorial election. For Macoupin County, that minimum is 1,256 signatures. If unchallenged by opponents of the advisory question and certified by the County Clerk, the question will appear on the ballot for Macoupin County voters this General Election.

The Christian County Board approved the referendum unanimously on Tuesday, July 17th.

The Coordinating Committee of the Montgomery County Board approved the referendum on Tuesday, July 31st. The full Montgomery County Board is set to vote on the referendum Tuesday, August 14th.

The National Rifle Association and the Illinois State Rifle Association support the placing of the referendum on the General Election ballot to give voters the opportunity to voice their opposition to gun control. 

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