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Taylorville PD Looks to add new K9

The Taylorville Police Department is looking to begin the process of retiring a cherished police officer.


Taylorville PD Chief of Police Brian Hile says that the force is beginning to think about a replacement for K9 unit Echo. Echo is getting older, and while the police department plan on keeping her on in a PR role, the time has come for a new k9 unit to be added to the department and trained so that when Echo does retire, there will not be a lapse in coverage.



Hile says the K9 unit is essential to the success of the Taylorvile PD and the unit makes a huge impact in a variety of areas and in many different ways.

A new officer will also join the new dog on the K9 unit so training can begin shortly after a dog is picked. Taylorville PD plans to continue to use Echo for demonstrations and ceremonial work after her retirement.

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