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Taylorville aldermen Monday night acted on a number of items in their meeting that lasted just over an hour at the Council chambers.

An Intergovermental Agreement between the City and the Taylorville School District,
on the creation of a Tax Increment Financing District, passed unanimously.

City attorney Rocci Romano said that a suggestion by Mayor Bruce Barry on a proposed city fee for projects inside the present Enterprise Zone, is a possibility.  Romano added that the fee—which is a maximum of 50-thousand dollars—is already max'ed out, but state statute does allow for the city to request a developer to make a charitable contribution, with the developer then getting a double write-off on their tax return.  Romano added he will pursue this idea further.

The Taylorville Council Monday night OK'd waiving tapping fees for R-P Lumber when they install city water service on their property on West Route 104, and amended out of town water tapping fees from 20-dollars per front footage, to 5-dollars per front footage.

Taylorville aldermen also paid over one-point-7 million dollars in bills on the new water plant project.

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