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A Hollywood legend with Illinois roots is being fondly remembered by past castmates and the two Western Illinois universities he collected degrees from. Quincy University grad and Western Illinois University masters recipient John Mahoney of Frasier fame, passed away Sunday in Chicago at the age of 77. Western University Relations chief Darcie Shinberger says Mahoney was a firend the university could count on time and time again.

Shinberger says Mahoney didn't just say nice things from a podium, he gave the personal touch to W-I-U supporters.

Mahoney went to become an English professor at Western in the 1970s before becoming a medical journalist and entering the field of acting in his late 30s. He also served as honorary chairman of Quincy University's Forever Forward Capital Campaign that launched three years ago. He also lent his voice to campaign ads for his nephew, State Senator John Sullivan.

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