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Soybean Association Seeks Answers to Dicamba Drift

The dicamba drift issue across the country is growing, and the American Soybean Association says the industry must intensify efforts to determine the causes and remedies. Non-dicamba tolerant soybeans and other crops have been damaged this season, and while the number of reported cases is growing, ASA President Ron Moore stipulates this is not a human health problem.



Moore says it’s time to learn what happened, and they’re working with universities and herbicide providers in conjunction with the national soybean checkoff to make those determinations.



Moore was asked if the dicamba drift research is being fast tracked at the universities.



He added it’s imperative that soybean farmers have new technology to fight resistant weeds, so research and education are imperative to preserve the new technology provided by Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans and the dicamba-based herbicides approved for the system.

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