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Macon County Ag Community Comes Together To Help Fellow Farmer

It may not be that unusual these days to see multiple combines in a field at harvest time, however to see multiple makes and models harvesting the same field together is a bit more rare.  

Several family farm operations from the Niantic area put their own harvest plans on hold Wednesday in order to help out a neighbor.  Dan Stohl is just a few weeks removed from quadruple bypass heart surgery, and was unsure of how he would get his 600-plus acres harvested this fall, but then the community came to his aide.  Dan's cousin, Steve Stohl, organized a community harvest, and says the farming community in western Macon County really stepped up.

Craig Moore was one of the farmer's cutting soybeans in the 90-degree heat.  He thought it was great to see the community effort, and emotionally noted that you never know when you might be the one in need.

Ed Leonard Jr. was one of several farmers harvesting corn as part of the effort.  He too feels the day was just an example of what farming neighbors do.

The Stohl's were grateful for the support of the community.  Steve says Dan is on the mend, and was even able to watch a bit of the harvest.

The group was pleasantly surprised with both the bean and corn yields they were seeing especially considering the challenging growing season western Macon County saw this year.

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