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95th District State Representative Avery Bourne is speaking out after a historic school funding bill vote Monday. The Illinois House passed a compromise bill to SB1 to give the state an evidence-based model to fund local schools.


Bourne says one of her biggest issues with SB1, the funding for Chicago school pensions, was fixed as a part of this compromise.



Bourne says there was also a compromise between the true per district hold harmless for state funding in SB1, and Rauner’s per district hold harmless that switched to per pupil hold harmless after three years.



Bourne says downstate schools, and especially schools in our area should be proud of the work local state lawmakers have done towards fixing Illinois’ school funding model.



The bill will be voted on in the Senate Tuesday. If passed in the Senate, it will go to the Governor’s desk, where Bourne expects Governor Rauner to sign the bill into law.

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